Top tips for getting employees engaged with their finances


The expectation for employers to step up and take responsibility for setting their employees on the right track for a financially secure future has become increasingly prominent in recent years. The Wealth Wizards Working Late Report recently showed that over half (59%) of Brits aged between 18 and 34 believe that their employers should be [...]

Do you have a forgotten pension pot somewhere?


Simon Brooke Do you have a pension pot somewhere that you’re unaware of or that you’ve simply forgotten about?  As more of us move jobs more frequently the chances are that increasingly the answer is yes.  Moving house can add to the risk of pensions going unclaimed as people forget to inform their pension provider [...]

Why small changes now make a big difference later


Peter Crush Last month something outwardly very small occurred that many people are predicting could make a big difference to people’s pension saving rates. On April 6th total contribution rates for those in auto-enrolment pensions rose from 2% of earnings (where employees and employers paid in 1% each), to 5% of earnings – where employees [...]

Windfarms, music rights, sewers – where’s your pension money going?


Our pensions are vital to our health and happiness and they’re most people’s second biggest financial commitment – but how much do we know about where our money is actually invested?  In the current climate of low interest and rising inflation, fund managers are having to be more imaginative with how they invest our combined [...]

The Wealth Wizards Working Late Report


Last week, in conjunction with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr), Wealth Wizards launched the ‘Working Late’ report – a detailed piece of research investigating the relationship between pension savings (or the lack thereof) and delayed retirement, as well as the consequences of an ageing workforce. The report was comprised of a survey [...]

Brexit – what does it mean for your pension?


Brexit will affect everything from food on supermarket shelves to the fight against terrorism and so it’s not surprising that our pensions will also be impacted.  The most obvious factors are the performance of the UK and EU economy and, in turn, the reaction of the stock markets where a large proportion of our pensions [...]

What keeps employees up at night?


Retirement seems a long way off; until you realise that it’s not that far away. With this realisation, there often comes regret, fear and occasionally panic about the lack of any planning or saving strategy.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” but when everyday expenses, mortgage, [...]

Auto-escalation – the key to adequate pensions saving?


The auto-enrolment revolution rolls on with the recent announcement by the Department of Work and Pensions that 900,000 more people will have a work place pension following the entry into the scheme of those aged 18 to 21 years old. However, the debate about how to ensure that more people can pay for their retirement [...]