Wealth Wizards appoints Scanes Bentley as chairman


Wealth Wizards, the digital financial advice scale up, is pleased to announce the appointment of Scanes Bentley as chairman. Currently also chairman of Vizolution and a board member at the listed Danish tech services business, Netcompany, Scanes is an experienced practitioner and previously held the positions of chairman of Norman Broadbent, Pockit and Independent NED at [...]

Brits are wising up to their pensions but are employers keeping up?


68% of UK workers would prefer their employer to put more money in their pension than give them common employee benefits like discount vouchers for shops or gym memberships Two thirds (66%) would be keen to hear about a way of saving that meant they would still have enough money left over to enjoy life [...]

Is financial stress detrimental to the health of working Brits?


• 70% of working Brits think being in poor financial health impacts their physical health, emotional wellbeing and stress levels • 60% said they have experienced a great deal of stress over their finances • 62% are anxious about not having enough money when they retire In today’s tumultuous political and economic climate stress levels [...]

1/2 of Brits don’t know about pensions, are we totally unprepared for retirement?

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Wealth Wizards research has been featured in an online article on HRNews, alongside a  quote from our CEO Andrew Firth. Andrew Firth, Chief Executive, Wealth Wizards said: “Auto-enrolment is a good start in encouraging people to take control of their financial future and planning for retirement. However, the level of misconception uncovered by this research [...]

Are Brits totally unprepared for retirement?


When the concept of auto-enrolment was introduced in 2012 it seemed like a positive development – forcing employers and employees alike to make responsible pension provisions. However, upon closer examination it appears that there is a real danger that it has created a false sense of security in employees, with them believing that no further [...]

Wealth Wizards releases ‘state pension age calculation’ API


Online pension adviser and technology provider Wealth Wizards has today launched a State Pension Age Calculation API (Application Programming Interface) as part of its commitment to the sector to exchange ideas and share best practice. Hosted on the dedicated Wealth Wizards Engineering site https://wealthwizards.io the State Pension Age Calculation API is free to use, and [...]

I’m entitled to a workplace pension? 1 in 3 Brits still have no idea

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Despite the recent £8m TV campaign from the DWP, research by online pension adviser, Wealth Wizards, has shown that by the end of 2015, an alarming thirty-eight per cent of working Britons still do not know what auto-enrolment is or realise that they are entitled to a workplace pension. Since 2012, more than 5.4 million [...]

Why Brits are shunning pensions advice

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Due to the UK’s aging population, more and more people are being faced with the dilemma about what to do with their pensions. Last year the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimated that by 2065, 26% of the population of England and Wales would be more than 65-years-old, up from 18%. The unavoidable strain on [...]