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UK retirees will have to

rely soley on their state pension


people aged 40 to 64 will

not be able to retire when

they hit state pension age


of U.K workers have become more

concerned with their pension

following recent focus in the

news on the subject

1. FCA
2. Age UK
3. Wealth Wizards


The first step towards a positive financial future for your employees.

Whether your company is big or small, our solution offers the resources and advice they need to take control of their pension.
We think everyone deserves a comfortable retirement. You can help make it happen for them.


The first fully-regulated online pension advice service.

When your employees are planning their future, it helps them make the right choices.



Improve Financial Wellbeing

To us, financial wellbeing means being in control of your pension and planning a future around the things you love. Our tools help your employees do just that, whatever their circumstances.

Create positive futures

Did you know that more and more people in the UK won’t be able to retire when they reach the state pension age?   We think everyone deserves to retire on their terms, and we’re determined to help your employees achieve this.

Advice for all

Our apps are designed around your employees’ needs and are shaped by their answers. We deliver the same expert advice, whether they’re saving pennies or pounds.

Choices they can trust

We have our own in-house team of financial advisers. Their work is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so you know it’s advice your employees can trust.


Activate your Pension Wizard account

Answer a few quick questions

Get our personalised expert advice

Make changes to your plan there and then


Employee Benefits

Get the optimum package to suit your employees

Financial Planning

Tailored financial advice for more complex financial needs

Retirement Wizard

Options for those approaching



We are Wealth Wizards and we’re the UK’s first fully-regulated online financial adviser. Our mission is to make expert advice accessible and affordable for everyone. We work with progressive employers to help their employees feel in control of their pension. We combine financial expertise and smart technology to provide them with a realistic, personalised plan for their workplace pension.

Our tools works online across mobile, tablet and desktop, so it’s more consistent, less expensive, and lower risk. Together, we tailor their company benefits package to businesses so that employees get more than just a salary.

The cost of providing advice through our Pension Wizard is typically £100 per employee per year which includes an annual review. This fee also includes switching funds if the employee chooses Wealth Wizards’ recommendations. Get in touch with us for a specific quote for your company.

We can also advise employees needing more complex advice which is charged according to how long it takes us to complete the work. The employer can choose to incur these extra costs or pass them onto the employee.  See the “Do my employees have to pay anything?” question below.

We provide services specifically to employees whose employers have signed up to Wealth Wizards, however we can also advise employees needing more complex advice which is charged according to how long it takes us to complete the work. The employer can choose to incur these extra costs or pass them onto the employee.  See the “Charges and Fees” page, here.

Our solution is designed to be ‘light touch’ for employers, however we believe that employers know their own employees best so we have designed a number of implementation options to work best for you. We also slot in seamlessly with your payroll system to co-operate salary deductions.

If you take advice from us we’ll make you 5 promises. Think of it as our code of ethics. Our promises apply whether we’re working with you as an employer, employee, pension consultant or consumer.

  1. We’ll only ever offer you products or services we’d happily use ourselves.
  2. We’ll look after your business and investments as if they are our own.
  3. We’ll use tried and tested principles and always explain how, and why, they work.
  4. We won’t claim to be experts in areas we’re not. If we can’t help you we’ll try to recommend someone who can.
  5. You’ll have a dedicated team member looking after you, who knows your details and you can contact them directly at any time.


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