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Our product teams build and support a set of applications and services that provide automated financial advice and guidance. We work to optimise the efficiency of financial advisers operating in a strictly regulated environment. As a Data Quality Engineer you will make a significant contribution to the delivery of data and reporting by being a part of discovery/analysis sessions to create a shared understanding of the problem space, pairing with Data Engineers and leading the data quality approach. In your team, you will take ownership of what you create and take accountability for its successful operation.

We’re driven, passionate, proactive and enthusiastic team players who love building strong collaborative relationships and delivering ground-breaking tech. Adaptability, flexibility and constant self-development are vital in our rapidly developing business. We get hard stuff done, fast, but we know how to have fun doing it and we actively promote a healthy work/life balance.

Your role

Although our products have been around for many years, our data team has not. We are quickly realising the value in the data we collect and how significant an impact good insights can have for our products and customer’s success. The data team formed within the last year and is rapidly growing with our need for data and reporting. For us to go further, we now need a dedicated Data Quality Engineer to focus on building up quality assurance in our data pipelines and processes.

Your responsibilities

As a Data Quality Engineer, you are responsible for designing, developing, documenting and performing data quality checks across all data assets. That includes ETL jobs, reports, dashboards and data pipelines. The primary goal for this role is to ensure high quality data is delivered to stakeholders and customers. Validation of data against source systems and validation of metrics and data in reports/dashboards is a key responsibility. Developing standards for data quality and ensuring that these standards are followed throughout the organisation will be key to success in this role. Our Quality Engineering Strategy is driven on an ‘automation first’ principal, meaning that we value automated checks over manual processes. We’re looking for a self starter who will utilise modern tooling and best practice automation to continuously drive data quality to new heights.

Your skills

  • Experience of working in a Data Quality Engineer (or similar) role
  • Understanding of data models and the desire to suggest improvements where you see fit
  • Passion for data quality, with the ability to lead and enthuse others
  • Desire for being immersed in a team environment where engineers work closely together in cross-functional teams
  • Love of innovation, with a constant drive to increase the efficiency of quality processes
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Experience with relevant tools and technology: Python; PySpark; PyDeequ/Deequ; AWS Glue; GitLab & Git; AWS Athena; MongoDB; SQL; PowerBI

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