Senior Software Engineer

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Our teams

Our cross-functional product teams build and support a set of applications and services that enable our products to provide automated financial advice direct to consumer and to optimize the efficiency of financial advisers working in a strict regulatory environment. As a software engineer you will make a significant contribution to the delivery of features, designing the system, writing code, automated tests and deploying to production. In your autonomous team you will live agile values and be empowered to own the software you create and take accountability for its successful operation in live.

Your role

The quality and maintainability of our software is of utmost importance to us so we are looking for motivated engineers with significant experience of building full-stack software applications with a focus on the whole development lifecycle.

You will work on a cross-functional agile team, collaborating closely with Product to deliver elegant, intuitive, and user-friendly applications and services using the latest technologies. We believe in a team-first culture and invest in developing our individuals, your focus will be on guiding the efforts of other members of your team and producing simple solutions that less-experienced engineers can use, maintain, and learn from.

This is a great opportunity for you to develop, test, build, ship and operate full stack applications in the challenging environment of FinTech. You will be a key person in designing and implementing tightly focused services and and seamless digital experiences and, together with your team, you will support them in production.

Your responsibilities

  • You will work with a full-stack attitude within a self-organising, cross-functional service team using extreme programming practices
  • You will leverage the ideas of the twelve-factor app to build, support and maintain products that are continuously delivered into our production environments
  • You will be technically curious, tackling problems without giving up and seeking feedback early and often
  • You will write comprehensible, well tested code with an eye towards maintainability and scalability, never compromising on quality
  • You will partner effectively with all team members to deliver against commitments
  • You will guide technical discussions during story analysis, architecture meetings and code reviews
  • You will actively follow, advocate and improve our coding standards and engineering principles
  • You will help to evolve our platform iteratively, without over-engineering, instead promoting simplicity and working software
  • You will utilise your experience and skills to assist your team in establishing the best architecture for your products and services
  • You will be willing to point out, own, and fix things that are broken about your services, your team, our company and in your own personal development
  • You will provide support for junior team members, notably through pair programming and empathetic peer review
  • You will promote industry best practices such as test driven development, single batch flow, feature toggles, continuous delivery, canary releases, test automation, logging and monitoring
  • You will use data, domain knowledge and your own research to innovate and continuously improve our products and our platform
  • You will use deliberate analysis and planning to tackle complex situations

Your skills

  • You are be able to prove your knowledge of Javascript, React and Node.js in our remote technical test
  • You have a strong commitment to self-learning, demonstrating how you’ve developed your skills
  • You are self-motivated and happy to ask questions of team members when you are blocked
  • You have the ability to take ownership of a task, analyse it and solve problems you have not faced before
  • You have a desire to work collaboratively in your team, learning from others and sharing what you know
  • You are keen on writing simple solutions to complex problems, favouring pragmatism over dogma
  • You are great at communicating context and ensure that you effectively share your understanding of a problem with your team
  • You have recent hands-on experience as a mid-level/senior software engineer in a team environment
  • You have relatable experience of XP/agile practices and values
  • You have knowledge of designing RESTful services and/or GraphQL
  • You are aware of event driven systems and the challenges of asynchronous programming
  • You have an understanding of the challenges of state management and the benefits of predictability
  • You have exposure to serverless architecture, preferably with Amazon Web Services
  • You have experience of test driven development and a preference for pair programming
  • You may have experience of automated end-to-end testing
  • You have an interest in functional programming
  • You may have experience coaching and mentoring other engineers
  • You may have knowledge of data structures and data driven design
  • You may regularly write technical articles or contribute to FoSS projects
  • You are a champion of modern development practices and are aware of the latest trends and tooling

Your characteristics

Your experience

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