Digital self-access advice for consumers and automating the process for advisers

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Our innovative digital financial adviser dedicated to improving financial wellbeing

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One core set of algorithms, three customer propositions

Our Products

A market-leading digital financial advice platform, accessed through a web interface, for use by established regulated financial advisers with their existing clients. This product automates the advice process and increases the reach of existing financial advisers through efficiency gains.

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A complete digital financial guidance and advice platform, using chatbot-facilitated interaction, for use by financial services businesses to reach existing and potential clients with a focus on holistic financial guidance and triage, investments, retirement and pensions.

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A fully UK-regulated digital financial adviser  that connects with users via an empathetic chatbot interface. MyEva builds a relationship with individuals by helping them manage their finances better in the now and in the future. MyEva is designed to improve financial wellbeing for all and is introduced to employees by their employer as a benefit.

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Wealth Wizards' customers are financial services organisations and financial intermediaries and employers, all of whom are engaging with large numbers of individuals regarding their finances. We work with employers who wish to improve financial wellbeing in their employee population as part of their engagement and employee benefits programmes.

All of this comes from a single platform that combines machine learning and AI with best-in-class technology, guided by a core team of financial services professionals.

The platform provides holistic financial healthchecks, guidance on everyday finances, and financial planning and advice in investments, pensions and retirement.

Three customer propositions take all this to a wide range of end markets globally.

We are a market-leading financial advice technology provider

About us


Established in 2009 to make financial advice accessible to all


Smart solutions in digital guidance and advice

Centrally located

Based in Leamington Spa


Proven digital customer experience design and chatbot capabilities


Extensive in-house regulated financial advice expertise


Creator of the UK's leading digital independent financial adviser

Our end-to-end technology platform allows customers to automate regulated customer journeys to engage, advise and execute on everyday financial planning decisions that improve financial wellbeing.

The Wealth Wizards vision is a future where everybody in society has access to jargon-free, holistic financial advice and guidance, 24/7, from a regulated digital agent, supported by qualified human experts where required.

Our digital financial guidance and advice products and services combine leading-edge technology, financial services expertise and a market-leading capability to create and deliver empathetic connections with a diverse customer audience.

We are extending the reach of financial advice to everyone in society.

Digital self-access advice for consumers and automation for advisers

The intelligent automation inside your advice business

Turo Digital is an AI-powered, financial advice & guidance platform which can be configured to a client's brand, advice policy and tone of voice.

Turo for Advisers automates key parts of the advice process, enabling advisers to deliver robust and compliant advice in a fraction of the time.

Target market

Financial services businesses who plan to be best-placed in the future market


Turo Digital: Holistic guidance and triage, pension guidance, retirement guidance, investment advice, pension advice, DB transfer guidance.

Turo for Advisers: Pension consolidation, annuity broking and triage, retirement decumulation, DB transfer advice.

  • Industry case time reduced by 40%-60%
  • Increased control and compliance capability
  • Service more customers
  • Great user experience
  • Multi-channel customer experience
Turo Digital
Turo for Advisers


Intuitive chatbot capability - Automated solution mapping - One-click advice report generation - AI-powered - Client management information - Can be used as a triage tool to refer to human advice team

Digital financial adviser dedicated to improving financial wellbeing

The digital financial adviser for life's journey

MyEva is designed to engage users in the concept of managing their money to address immediate financial concerns and then encourage a future focus, without jargon, fuss or judgement.

MyEva enables employers to understand, take action and improve financial wellbeing for every individual in the workplace.

Target market

The UK mass employed

MyEva's persona

MyEva adapts to the needs of an individual using machine learning and AI to make a connection with everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of financial status of level of financial wellbeing.

MyEva celebrates individuality of all users experiencing differing life events at different times. She is an affordable and accessible financial adviser for all.

  • Ability to identify a person's most pressing financial needs.
  • Jargon-free content and friendly yet professional conversations, establishes an empathetic connection with every individual
  • Provides employers with a financial wellbeing report to identify issues and track wellbeing improvement over time.
MyEva for employees
MyEva for employers

Information security assured

The relationship between MyEva and user is confidential. This is important both from an information security perspective but also to enable a relationship built on trust.

Strong core intellectual capital

We provide leading-edge technology, financial services expertise and a market-leading capability to connect with a diverse customer audience to extend the reach of financial guidance and advice to the mass market.

Technology engineering and architecture
Innovative technology engineering and architecture
Proven digital customer experience design and chatbot capabilities
Proprietary machine learning and AI applications
Extensive in-house regulated financial services expertise
A nascent financial wellbeing insights and data analytics practice

Smart solutions in digital financial guidance and advice

Our holistic approach is unique and addresses the immediate market need to reach diverse online communities with education, guidance and personalised advice to improve financial wellbeing in the mass market.

We are pioneering the development of a new codified digital, regulated financial guidance and advice sector. This addresses the full spectrum of financial needs in society.

Technology engineering and architecture

Our technology and engineering methodology enables adoption of new product and service features rapidly and efficiently, with short release cycles in a platform which is safe, secure, reliable and resilient.

Digital customer experience

We've developed a chatbot to support the role of the regulated and unregulated digital adviser. The chatbot uses conversational methodology familiar to other social networking platforms.
  • Adviser referrals
  • Document storage
  • Appointment booking
  • Data APIs
  • Bespoke document generation
  • Logic and calculations
  • Bespoke journeys
  • Turo for Advisers integration
  • Online payments
  • Custom chats
  • Nudge engine
  • Deep links
  • Strong authentication
  • MI and reporting
  • Fast UK integration

AI and machine learning

We have implemented 'explainable AI' which improves the 'explainability' of complex advice by demonstrating which factors were used and by how much to come to the advice recommendation.

The existing Turo AI capability can be used to derive the weighting of the key factors in any financial advice or guidance decision.

Our AI techniques similar to those applied successfully to the field of medicine.

We have created a novel, innovative application to financial advice by analysing and learning from past users and cases.

The more engaged users or validated cases, the greater the confidence in AI-informed advice for other advice cases.

Financial wellbeing insights and data analytics

Anonymised data regarding the financial wellbeing worries of employee populations provides insights on key issues to tackle to improve financial wellbeing in the workplace. It also provides insight into employee benefit ROI and is delivered in the form of a 'financial wellbeing report'.

This also gives opportunities for sector benchmarking and evidence of employers' commitment to improve financial wellbeing as one of the many contributors to mental health in the workplace.

Regulated financial advice expertise


In-house team led by Tony Vail, Chief Advice Officer and Co-Founder.


Made up of 10 chartered financial planners.

Robust advice

The advice team provides the financial advice expertise which feeds in to the reliable digital advice outcomes.

Customer experience

With a strong understanding of the advice process, the team aims to mimic in-person adviser interactions digitally.

Strong collaboration

The financial advice team works closely with customer experience, engineers and product teams.

Trusted by the world's best companies

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