To make financial advice affordable
and accessible to all
For employers & everyone

MyEva : The digital financial adviser
for life’s journey

A simple and jargon-free way to help people work out what their priorities and next-steps should be to improve their financial wellbeing; starting with a financial health check.

For financial services

Turo: Intelligent automation
inside your business

A more efficient, compliant and scalable advice
process that can reach a wider audience
via a great digital advice experience.
To achieve our purpose,
Wealth Wizards have created Turo; the intelligence inside the advice industry and MyEva: the independent digital financial adviser

MyEva is an independent digital IFA, usually introduced to people via their employers to improve financial wellbeing in the workplace.

MyEva is a digital financial adviser who brings the best of human and computer intelligence together. MyEva uses a financial health check as a gateway to digital financial advice.

Turo is the ‘intelligence inside’ UK advice businesses to help bridge the advice gap to enable firms to scale up fully compliant advice processes and reach more customers, in a fraction of a time, with a great digital advice experience.

Turo is the market-leading automated financial advice engine for the advice industry. It uses flexible technology to help financial services organisations deliver regulated, automated financial advice which can be accessed digitally by the consumer or used as a tool to support financial advisers.

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